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What is Inori-gumo?

In Japan, we have a small shrine in our homes called "Kamidana". Then, we put our hands together in front of it. This is to give gratitude for the safety of our daily lives.

In recent decades, housing styles have changed a lot. Inori-gumo is a modern Kamidana designed to fit the current housing style.

Clouds and Japanese Culture

When you visit a Shinto shrine, you will see many decorative cloud sculptures. They are inseparable motifs from Japanese culture.
inori-gumo is made one by one using traditional methods.

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There are three different sizes depending on the number of swirls. You can choose the one that best suits your room size, atmosphere, or preference.


Easy setting

Installation takes only one minute.
No drilling tools required.
The wall-friendly installation method is ideal for
apartments and condominiums.

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inori-gumo is made of Kiso-Hinoki, which is known as the wood for the Ise Shrine. Kiso mountain range has severe winters, and the harsh climate grows high quality Hinoki. 
The feature is that annual rings are finer and more tightly than ordinary Hinoki trees.

humble mind

Even in today, By putting our hands together, we realize the simple and humble heart that exists deep in our heart. Such a feeling is necessary for peace of mind.
Use Inori-gumo as a place to look at yourself as you are.





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