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​Eight Swirls

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Eght swirls is the largest size of inori-gumo. It is recommended for those who want to feel the essence of Japanese wood carving.

As well as the Five Swirls, a glass bottles are embedded on both sides. If you want to use it simply, you can remove the bottles, and the space will be wide enough to put three Shinto talisman.


In the shrine, we often see things related to 8. For example, there are many shrines with "Hachi" in their names. Such as "Iwashimizu-Hachiman","Tsuruoka-Hachiman". "Hachi" means eight in Japanese. And in the corridor of Itsukushima Shrine(a World Heritage Site), eight boards are laid out between the pillars, Etc.. Eight is an auspicious number in Japan.  

Therefor, this work was composed of eight different whirlpools, small whirlpools to large whirlpools. But each form is related to each other within a single piece of sculpture. In Carving, even if the form is large, it is important to always look at the whole, and if the woodcarver is obsessed with a part of the work, he will instantly lose sight of the balance of the whole.
Such ability as a woodcarver is tested in the this product.

About the material

As the name suggests, Kiso-Hinoki is a kind of Hinoki tree that grows in the Kiso mountain area. Since it was under the jurisdiction of the Shogunate from the Edo period, it was forbidden to cut it down easily, and so the trees grew to be over 300 years old.
This region has severe winters, and the harsh climate grows high quality Hinoki. The annual rings are finer and more tightly than ordinary Hinoki trees due to the severe winter cold.

For more information about kiso-Hinoki, go to the "MATERIAL" article




size: W39cm / H11cm / D5.5cm
material: Kiso-Hinoki 
2 glass jars (Φ22mm×50mm)
back side: 2 metal hook

accessory parts
mounting piece 4 pcs
12 thin pins
4 screws (for use on wooden walls only)
original metal parts 2 pcs

guide board 1 sheet



Setting introduction

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