​carved family altar


​Three Swirls


Five Swirls is a medium size in the series.
It can be added tree branches on both sides.
By putting up Sakaki(evergreen tree used in Shinto ritual), it gives the impression that it is a Shinto alter at a glance.
If you want a simple installation, you can remove the glass bottle.


How to set up
Attach the enclosed metal plate by plasterboard pins (if the wall surface is wood, use screws).
The back of the inorigumo has three strong magnets embedded in it, so attach the back of the inorigumo to the metal plate and installation is complete.
Each magnet is embedded in two layers, so it is strong enough.
There is no need to prepare any installation hardware.



The waves of wood grain play with the curves of the Inori-gumo’s body to add movement. .
Making a difference between complex areas and smooth areas is important for the whole balance.
Therefore, I drew many sketches until I was satisfied with the arrangement of the five whorls and the flow of the curves, and finally settled on this design.

About the material

As the name suggests, Kiso-Hinoki is a kind of Hinoki tree that grows in the Kiso mountain area. Since it was under the jurisdiction of the Shogunate from the Edo period, it was forbidden to cut it down easily, and so the trees grew to be over 300 years old.
This region has severe winters, and the harsh climate grows high quality Hinoki. The annual rings are finer and more tightly than ordinary Hinoki trees due to the severe winter cold.

For more information about kiso-Hinoki, go to the "MATERIAL" article



新背景min (27).jpg





size: W27cm / H10cm / D5.3cm
material: Kiso-Hinoki 

2 glass jars (Φ22mm×50mm)
back side: Strong magnet (3 points:each magnet is two layers)

accessory parts
mounting piece 2 pcs
6 thin pins
2 screws (for use on wooden walls only)
original metal plate 1 sheet

Setting introduction

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​Eight Swirls

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Three Swirls