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​Three Swirls


It is the most compact size in the inori-gumo series. The width is 21cm, the height is 8cm, and the depth is 4cm (it may slightly different due to the handmade). This is made of Kiso-hinoki, and two strong magnets embedded in the back. Each magnet has two layers, so It is firmly fixed to the wall.

How to set up on the wall

Attach a thumbtack to that strong magnet and stick it into the wall. It is recommended that the wall be made of wood or plasterboard that can be used for thumbtacks(or a metal wall that can be magnetized).

Refer to the video below, which explains how to place it.



It is just the right size to hold a single Shinto talisman. In spite of its modest size, I often receive the comment, "It has a strong presence". This presence is a mysterious feature that is created by the time and effort of human hands. In the final process of carving, the more I carve its details, the more and more its presence grows.

Adding something with a "little presence" will change the atmosphere of your room for the better.

About the material

As the name suggests, Kiso-Hinoki is a kind of Hinoki tree that grows in the Kiso mountain area. Since it was under the jurisdiction of the Shogunate from the Edo period, it was forbidden to cut it down easily, and so the trees grew to be over 300 years old.
This region has severe winters, and the harsh climate grows high quality Hinoki. The annual rings are finer and more tightly than ordinary Hinoki trees due to the severe winter cold.

For more information about kiso-Hinoki, go to the "MATERIAL" article



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Size: W20cm / H8cm / D4cm
Material: Kiso-Hinoki 
Back side: Strong magnet (2 points:each magnet is two layers)


Setting introduction

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